Spring Coiling System for Garage Door Spring Production

Automated Industrial Motion (AIM), located in Western Michigan, offers a complete line of CNC spring coiling equipment. Independent spring coilers and complete turnkey systems for a variety of industries are both available.

One of AIM’s particular areas of expertise is garage door spring coiling systems. AIM systems can include a variety of add-ons that facilitate garage door spring production:

  • Coilers
  • Tooling
  • Powered wire payoffs
  • Spring support tracks
  • In-line stress-relief ovens
  • Paint tanks
  • Part identification
  • Coning stations
  • Looping stations

In addition to the above, AIM systems encompass all the automation required to process raw wire into finished garage door springs without operator intervention.

Producing Garage Door Springs Quickly, Efficiently and Safely

If it feels like your company is losing its competitive edge, look further into how AIM can significantly improve your technology and productivity. Our AIM 3000 CNC Spring Coiler handles a wire range of 0.125 inches to 0.375 inches in compression, torsion, and point forming modes of operation. Coil diameters up to six inches and unlimited feed lengths are possible. Common wire feed speeds of 60 inches per second produce garage door springs at a production rate of one spring every 15 seconds.

Powered wire payoffs with capacities up to 5,000 pounds deliver wire safely, with constant tension. Payoff designs are flexible for different wire types and a variety of packaging configurations. Staging multiple payoffs with wire further enhances the productivity of AIM garage door spring coiling systems.

Support tracks, mounted to the front face of the coiler, are adjustable in three planes for setting the track to the natural coiling helix. Tracks are quickly and easily adjusted for right and left-hand springs. Setup positions, documented with linear scales, are stored in respective part programs for ease of repeat setups.

Smooth Operations, Even with Inexperienced Operators

CNC controller for CNC coilerOur CNC coiler controls feature Windows-based software, making spring setup and operations simple and efficient. Machine controls are totally integrated for ease of programming and operation. Part and machine homing sequences simplify the process even further, resulting in average part changeovers in five minutes.

Our unique dedicated cassette tooling further enhances and simplifies equipment setup and operation. Tooling is designed and built using 3D modeling software and proven standard designs. The resulting tooling locates precisely and repeatedly into the spring coiler, thus eliminating the need for experienced spring operators.

With the AIM 3000, non-spring makers are able to set up and operate equipment with just a few days of training. Cassette tooling packages include all tooling prints, layouts, and written operator setup instructions. Storage carts are available for organizing tooling in one common area, supporting world-class lean manufacturing initiatives.

Stress-Relief and Paint

In-line heat treating ovenAfter being coiled and cut, springs can be automatically ejected from the track to an accumulation area for further post-processing operations. Sensors are available for length control and aligning spring ends when loop orientation is required. Springs can then be delivered automatically to an in-line stress-relief oven.

In-line ovens are proven to stress-relief parts more efficiently and more uniformly than batch ovens. Ovens in AIM systems are sized specifically to customer specifications for temperature, spring diameter, spring length and mass of springs to be processed. Ovens are available in gas-fired or with infrared electric heating elements.

When pigment is a desirable addition to your garage door springs, the system can be configured to drop springs into a water-soluble paint solution, immediately following the stress relief operation. Springs sit in the solution for a short period of time before being taken out with an incline conveyor system. This process results in an attractive coating at a uniform thickness.

Additional Automation: Identification, Coning and Looping

AIM 3000 - Automated part identificationSprings exiting the dryer conveyor are accumulated prior to being lifted and transferred into the automation section of the equipment. Although the automation operates faster than the coiler, oven, and paint system, accumulation serves as a buffer in the event that operators require additional time to package finished springs.

After painting, springs are transferred through an inkjet printing head for identification with wire size, diameter, length and any other information that may be required. Identification can be tailored to any customer standards.

Additional automatic post-processing operations include spring coning and spring looping. AIM’s coning station automatically assembles die-cast cones into each spring end. Cones inserted at the same time make the operation quick and efficient, easily keeping up with the high-speed spring coiler. AIM’s looping station is ideal for looping the ends of commercial garage door springs. In this station, spring ends are located and looped to exact print specification. A series of sensors and controls are featured on each station to assure conformance with all quality requirements.

How to Produce Garage Door Springs Faster, Better and More Competitively

Become more competitive in the garage door spring coiling marketplace by investing in the industry’s most advanced coiling and automation technologies. Contact Automated Industrial Motion (AIM) today to discuss your project. Better yet, make arrangements to visit our manufacturing plant in beautiful Western Michigan to see how we can make you more competitive and more profitable.

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