In the wireless, automated world of today, small helical antenna coils are virtually everywhere. If your product requires a helical antenna coil for communication, look no further than AIM CNC coiling machinery. Our high quality equipment is capable of holding extremely tight tolerances required for world class communication antennas. Precise coil diameters, pitch spacing and developed wire lengths all contributing to impedance are possible with our high-speed CNC coiling equipment. Cassette tooling packages and machine/part home sequences make machine setup, operation and changeover quick and easy. 

Watch our 6-axis AIM 100 coiling machine produce helical antenna coils in the video below.

Antenna Coiling Services

Not every manufacturer is looking to make their own antenna coils. In the event you are interested in outsourcing helical antenna coil manufacturing, AIM can help. Equipment and processes are available for contract manufacturing of low and high volume helical antenna components. Our experienced staff can even assist with development efforts to optimize antenna impedance performance. If you are looking for a competitive edge in today’s market contact us today to start a discussion.

Helical Antenna Coil - Copper Helical Antenna Coil

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