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AIM has provided spring coiling and wire forming equipment since 1985. Our years of experience have presented a variety of challenges and solutions. Spring manufacturing is at the core of everything we do, from our line of CNC coiling machines to a range of auxiliary products and services.

We specialize in coiling and wire forming equipment, but we know that purchasing a new machine isn’t always the best way to get the job done.

In addition to standard coiling equipment, we offer contract manufacturing, CNC machining, custom machine design/build, and any other wire processing and automated assembly requirements that you may have.

Learn more about our services:

  • Machine Design and Build – We specialize in custom wire coiling and wire forming equipment for applications where standard equipment is not commercially available, or where we can offer competitive advantage through custom setups.
  • CNC Machining – AIM offers complete tool room machining services including CNC milling, lathe turning, and grinding.
  • Contract Manufacturing – In addition to product and process development, AIM offers short and long term manufacturing services where current volumes might not warrant capital equipment investment.
  • Service and Support – We pride ourselves on our exemplary service, and our experts can install, configure and provide training for all of our equipment, as well as a range of other coiling and wire forming equipment.

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