AIM 1000 CNC Spring Coiler

AIM 1000 CNC Spring Coiler

The AIM 1000 CNC spring coiler is a versatile and compact CNC spring coiler built to coil wire with diameters from .018” to .080”. With a wide variety of customization options and configurations, this single piece of machinery can produce springs and wire forms for dozens of applications.

Whether you need torsion springs for doors, compression springs for desk drawers, battery contacts, electrical wire nuts, turbulator coils or magazine springs for conveyor belts, the AIM 1000 can handle the job. With a feed speed of up to 100 inches per second, you can maximize productivity throughout your spring manufacturing workflow.

This advanced coiler system is available with up to six axes. Servos controlling the feed diameter, pitch, torsion, point and cut ensure a consistent end product. As with our other CNC coiling machines, the AIM 1000 makes use of AC brushless servomotors, high precision actuators, planetary gear reducers and our exclusive DuraBond slides. A user-friendly interface comes standard, with Windows software, a Delta Tau motion control system and an industrial touch screen.

No matter what kinds of springs you produce, or how many, the AIM 1000 CNC spring coiler is up to the task.

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Equipment Features

Feed Speed (in/sec)100
Max. Wire Size (in)0.080
Min. Wire Size (in)0.018
Feed LengthUnlimited
Coil Diameter Range3 Index to 1.75"
Power (3 phase)240 Volt

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