AIM 100 CNC Spring Coiler

AIM 100 CNC Spring Coiler

The AIM 100 CNC spring coiler is our most compact spring coiler. Designed for maximum precision and accuracy when coiling small-diameter wire, the AIM 100 has proven its value in a wide variety of manufacturing environments.

The AIM 100 supports a wire diameter range of .006” – .032”, so this one piece of equipment can produce springs for many different applications. Smaller springs like those produced by the AIM 100 are often incorporated into products like:

  • ball point pens
  • lighters
  • aerosol spray valves
  • medical devices
  • safety syringes
  • guide wires

No matter what your manufacturing setup is, the AIM 100 can easily take its place in your workflow. Automated Industrial motion will help you customize the AIM 100 to produce springs on demand for automated assembly lines, to produce solder rings or even to manufacture chainmaille and other products for the jewelry industry.

Just like our full line of CNC spring coilers, the AIM 100 CNC spring coiler is available with up to six axes and incorporates direct servo drives on each axis. You’ll also find AC brushless servomotors, high precision actuators and our exclusive DuraBond Slides. The PC-based control system includes Windows software, a Delta Tau motion control system and an industrial touch screen. For shops requiring on-demand production of single springs, we also offer a pneumatic control option.

With all the different options for customization and the versatility allowed by the AIM 100’s wire diameter range, it’s no wonder this compact, easy-to-use machine is our number one seller.

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AIM - CNC Spring Coiler Brochure

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Equipment Features

Feed Speed (in/sec) 135
Max. Wire Size (in) 0.032
Min. Wire Size (in) 0.006
Feed Length Unlimited
Coil Diameter Range 3 Index to 1.0”
Power (3 phase) 240 Volt

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