The AIM 100 CNC Coiler – Chainmaille Rings and Other Products for the Jewelry Industry

Manufacturing Chainmaille Rings with the AIM 100

The Automated Industrial Motion (AIM) 100 CNC coiler can be configured to produce chainmaille rings, and many other types of rings, for the jewelry industry.  It can be programmed for a wide range of ring diameters and sizes, and can use a variety of different metals.

Material is fed from a power dereeler and then spun into long coils. The coils are dropped into an automated slitting machine that cuts the coils down into individual rings.

For products in the jewelry industry, the AIM 100 can be paired with a specialized slitting machine, fitted with a jeweler’s blade. The jeweler’s blade produces a very thin, very flat cut every time a ring is formed from a coil. The slits on the resulting rings are smooth, and can easily be pressed together.

A Versatile and Easy-to-Use Coiler

As with all AIM coilers, the AIM 100 CNC coiler is fitted with direct servo drives on each tooling axis, permitting independent control of the tool positions. Actuation systems include AC brushless servomotors, high precision actuators, planetary gear reducers, and our DuraBond Slides, which provide high accuracy and long life.

AIM 100 - Jewelry Setup - Long Coil FormingThe AIM PC-based control system includes Windows software, Delta Tau motion control system, industrial touch screen, and a variety of I/O for controlling auxiliary equipment.

Built to smoothly and efficiently produce a wide variety of products for the jewelry industry, the AIM 100 can save chainmaille or other ringmaking operations signification time and money.

More About Automated Industrial Motion (AIM)

In addition to producing rings and other wire products, Automated Industrial Motion specializes in spring coiling and wire forming machine solutions. In addition to our eight standard CNC Spring Coiling machines, we specialize in custom wire coiling and wire forming equipment for applications where standard equipment is not commercially available or where we can offer competitive advantage through higher run rates, quicker setups/changeovers, better quality and elimination of secondary operations.

If AIM does not produce exactly the type of rings you need they can build a machine that will.

To learn more about other spring and coil machines we offer, contact us to schedule a consultation.