AIM 3000 CNC Spring Coiler

AIM 3000 CNC Spring Coiler

Breaking into the range of heavy duty springs, the AIM 3000 CNC spring coiler is a tough workhorse of a coiling machine that’s built to last through millions of miles of wire.

As with all AIM CNC coilers, you can choose between 4, 5 and 6 axes for maximum control over your products. The AIM 3000 can coil wire up to .375” in diameter, making it the perfect choice for applications like garage door springs, agricultural equipment springs, oil rig springs and a long list of other wire-based parts.

Automated Industrial Motion offers a full line of standard coilers, all packaged with PC-based user interfaces. The user-friendly Windows software is coupled with a Delta Tau motion control card to make sure your design translates flawlessly into production. We also outfit all of our spring coilers with direct servo drives to control tool positions independently on each axis. In addition to AC brushless servomotors, planetary gear reducers and our exclusive DuraBond Slides, you’ll find everything you need on the AIM 3000 CNC spring coiler to get started right away.

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Equipment Features

Feed Speed (in/sec)60
Max. Wire Size (in)0.375
Min. Wire Size (in)0.125
Feed LengthUnlimited
Coil Diameter Range3 Index to 5"
Power (3 phase)480 Volt

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