Automated Industrial Motion (AIM) is a world-class leader in the design, manufacture, and service of spring coiling machines and wire forming equipment. Our new 24,000-square-foot manufacturing facility is located in beautiful West Michigan.

Our primary product line includes eight CNC spring coiling machines that cover a wire range of 0.006″ to 0.787″ diameter. Spring coilers are available with up to six axes to produce a variety of springs and wire forms. AIM equipment is high speed, precise, and durable. Direct servo drives are incorporated on each tooling axis to permit independent control of the tool positions. Actuation systems include AC brushless servomotors, high precision actuators, planetary gear reducers, and our exclusive DuraBond Slides, which provide high accuracy and long life. Our PC-based control system includes Windows software, Delta Tau motion control system, industrial touch screen, hand jog wheel, and a variety of I/O for controlling auxiliary equipment.

AIM specializes in turn-key coiling systems and custom-designed wire forming machinery for manufacturers requiring unique spring coiling and wire forming solutions that significantly improve productivity. Our cassette tooling packages include written setup procedures and documented tooling designs for quick, accurate changeover. Cassette Tooling approach is ideal for training, instilling standard procedures and meeting ISO requirements and standards.

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Additional Products

Additional product offerings include DuraBond Slides, powered wire payoffs, in-line stress relief ovens, spring gauging, two plane wire straighteners, turn-key automation systems, spring tooling, CNC Machining, product development and contract manufacturing.

Mission Statement

By employing a highly skilled, dedicated team of people, AIM strives to provide high-quality, value-added solutions to manufacturers. Customers experience competitive advantages by investing in our innovative manufacturing technologies. With continuous improvement, exceptional support, and on-time deliveries, long-term relationships will be established for the benefit of all stakeholders.

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