Spring Coiling & Wire Forming Case Studies

Explore the following case studies of spring coiling and development of custom spring coiling and wire forming systems. These scenarios illustrate Automated Industrial Motion’s many offerings, from American-made CNC spring coilers to contract manufacturing of springs and wire forms.

Chillers for the Heating and Cooling Industry

An AIM 1000 CNC Coiling System was designed and built for manufacturing turbulator coils. Turbulator coils are used in the HVAC industry to improve thermal flow. Coils are inserted and stretched within copper tubing to dissipate temperature more efficiently. One standard tooling package produces coils for three tube diameters with part changeovers in less than 30 seconds. The AIM solution displaced two other imported coilers that were problematic for many years.

Stainless Steel Belting for the Food Processing Industry

AIM 1000 right and left hand coilers were placed into a manufacturing plant in Mexico. Existing tooling design was enhanced and integrated into AIM’s equipment and solution. Equipment is providing quick, efficient changeovers and high production rates for producing magazine-style springs used to create food-grade stainless steel belting.

Conical Springs for Zirc Fittings

An AIM 100 6-Axis CNC Coiling solution was developed for one of the largest manufacturers of zirc fittings. The coiling application serves lower volume conical springs where operators were hand placing springs into assemblies. The end solution feeds springs, housing and other components into a rotary press station for complete automated assembly.

Compression Springs for Automotive Transmissions

Spring Coil and Grind Automation was developed for a family of compression springs used in an automotive transmission. The existing process had limited output and could not meet customer demands. AIM developed an automated spring coiling solution in which two lanes of springs are delivered to carrier plates, resulting in twice the output in the same time frame.

Sewer and Drain Cleaning Coils

A custom AIM 1500 CNC Coiler was designed and built for producing 100’ drain cleaning snakes automatically. The customer and AIM worked concurrently to utilize a unique coiling approach required for producing coils down to a 2.3 index. The tooling and software solution included documentation for ease of setup and changeover, allowing new and less experienced employees to utilize the system.

Aerospace Conductor Coils

An AIM 100 Customized Coiling Solution was developed for producing 15,000 foot long coils using 0.012” diameter stainless wire coiled to an OD of 0.055” using a very unique take-up. Camera gauging is integrated for complete process control.

Water Filtration Coils

An AIM CNC Coiler processes 36” coils which are loaded semi-automatically into braided nylon sleeves. Process development is ongoing with the customer to enhance product performance and the degree of automation required to support growing market demands.

Irrigation Industry

AIM 100 Pneumatic Coilers support spring making requirements for the manufacture of irrigation heads, valves and other components. Coilers support production requirements up to 45 PPM with and without stress relief. Coiling equipment is fully integrated with automated assembly equipment control system through simple I/O.

Return Springs for Automotive Solenoids

An AIM 100 Pneumatic Coiler was utilized within an extensive solenoid coil manufacturing cell. Coils produced on demand and delivered to rotary dial where operations including stress relief, spring set, length check and load check are performed. Good springs blow feed to automated assembly station while non-conforming springs are sorted to bad parts bin.

Garage Door Spring Coiling Systems

An AIM spring coiling system was integrated for manufacturing high volume 2” residential garage door springs. Complete system included powered wire payoffs, an AIM 3000 CNC Coiler, a part support track, an automated load to large in-line oven, an Egyptian coating paint tank and drying conveyor, ink jet printing of spring identification, and automatic cone installation. The system takes in raw wire and outputs finished garage door springs.

Automotive Oil Filters

An AIM 2000 CNC Coiler manufactures a family of compression springs used in automotive oil filters. Equipment feeds springs on demand to assembly line at production rates in excess of 3,800 pieces per hour. Cassette tooling and machine software allow for part changeovers in five minutes.

Constant Force Springs for Double Hung Windows

A manufacturer challenged AIM to develop a process and equipment for producing 10-lb constant force springs for the window balance market. A very unique coiling approach and tooling were developed to accomplish just that. The customer realized significant material cost savings along with a competitive advantage in the window spring balance market.

Aerospace Seal Rings

An AIM 2500 Coiler was customized for producing aerospace seal rings. The equipment is capable of producing rings up to 55” in diameter with near net shape super alloy materials. The equipment produces world class results on flatness, dish, gap, helix, and light tightness. Rings were originally cut out of plate and hand worked to achieve specification requirements.

Constant Force Springs for Interior Blinds

An AIM 1000 CNC constant force spring solution was developed for an interior blind manufacturer. AIM fully developed and optimized the manufacturing process over three years of running production parts for the customer. The customer was able to vertically integrate spring manufacturing, which was originally performed by an outside vendor.

Spring Company Specializing in Large Wire Coils

An AIM 4000 CNC Coiler was developed for a world-class spring manufacturer. The CNC machine replaced a tired W25 mechanical coiler. The solution significantly improves production output, reduces setup times, and facilitates manufacture of parts complete without secondary operations. The AIM 4000 single-point coiling solution will provide a competitive advantage for the next generation.

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