AIM 2000 CNC Spring Coiler

AIM 2000 CNC Spring Coiler

The AIM 2000 CNC spring coiler is a popular and well rounded coiling machine. Built to produce medium-duty springs of various lengths and coil diameters, the AIM 2000 can coil anything from automotive valve springs to pogo stick springs.

Representing the most compact of our 480 volt coilers, the AIM 2000 is designed to coil wire between .047” and .180” in diameter, and can be customized in a variety of ways to accommodate nearly any job. The AIM 2000 CNC spring coiler can be configured to manufacture left-hand or right-hand magazine springs, along with torsion springs, compression springs and much more. AIM also offers custom design/build services for unique jobs that go beyond standard equipment.

AIM coilers use single-point coiling technology, allowing greater flexibility between configurations and easier changeover from one part to another. Dual-point systems work well for compression springs, but are unable to produce torsion springs. Our line of CNC coilers is well suited for job shop environments and manufacturers using a single coiling system to produce multiple products.

To learn more about the AIM 2000, and our full line of CNC coilers, download the brochure below.

Click here to download the AIM equipment brochure.

AIM - CNC Spring Coiler Brochure

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Equipment Features

Feed Speed (in/sec) 85
Max. Wire Size (in) 0.180
Min. Wire Size (in) 0.047
Feed Length Unlimited
Coil Diameter Range 3 Index to 3"
Power (3 phase) 480 Volt

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