Automated Industrial Motion CNC spring coilers can easily be configured to produce magazine springs to a variety of specifications. While traditional compression springs are helically coiled, magazine springs follow a zig-zag pattern, resulting in oval-shaped or rectangular coils. Not every CNC spring coiling machine can be configured to produce magazine springs, but our line of AIM spring coilers is fully capable of manufacturing either right-hand or left-hand magazine springs.

Many magazine springs are put to work as components of firearm magazines, but others are assembled into steel conveyor belts. Utilized across industries–from food service to chemical and laminate–these woven conveyor belts are flexible, strong and long lasting. Springs making up conveyor belts must be wound in two opposite directions in order to ensure that the resulting belt is flat. In the video below, two AIM 1000 coiling machines are working simultaneously; one is configured for left-hand springs, and the other for right-hand springs.

All of our coiling machines come standard with PC-based CNC interfaces, making it easy for operators to set up the coilers and change them over for new parts. You’ll also find Windows-based software, industrial touch-screens, Delta Tau motion control systems and a variety of inputs and outputs in our standard configurations. In order to build the magazine coiling system that meets–or exceeds–your demands, our team will work with you to choose the right spring coiling machine from our lineup and outfit it with all the necessary equipment. Powered wire payoffs, wire straighteners and custom de-stressing centers are just a few of the add-ons we can include.

Magazine Spring Manufacturing Services

AIM’s primary goal is to provide manufacturers with state-of-the-art spring coiling equipment, but we understand that purchasing a new machine isn’t always the best way to get a job done. If contract manufacturing makes more sense, we can put our spring coiling equipment to work to manufacture magazine springs exactly to your specifications. Our magazine spring manufacturing services include spring design, equipment configuration and CNC machining for final delivery. Contact us today for a free evaluation.

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