If you’re interested in manufacturing turbulator coils, Automated Industrial Motion coilers can deliver the accuracy and repeatability you need.

Turbulator coils, or turbulator springs, can improve air flow in a wide variety of equipment, from consumer-grade boilers to industrial HVAC systems. Our line of CNC spring coilers is designed to accommodate nearly any size of turbulator coil. For example, our versatile AIM 1000 spring coiler can handle wire diameters up to .080”, and can produce turbulator coils up to 1.75” in diameter. Take a look at the video below to see the AIM 1000 in action, manufacturing turbulator coils for the heating and cooling industry.

We also have the lighter-duty AIM 100 available, as well as five larger models that can coil wire up to .787” in diameter.

Turbulator coil manufacturing can be demanding on equipment, but AIM coilers are built to last. Our machines also come standard with a variety of state-of-the-art features, including:

  • direct servo drives on each tooling axis;
  • AC brushless servomotors;
  • high-precision actuators;
  • planetary gear reducers;
  • and our exclusive DuraBond Slides, which provide high accuracy and long life.
Watch the AIM 1000 spring coiling machine manufacture turbulator coils

Turbulator Coil Manufacturing Services

Not every coiling job can justify the purchase of new coiling equipment. If it makes more sense for your bottom line, we’ll work with you to provide contract turbulator coil manufacturing services to your exact specifications. Our coiling experts will build a turn-key coiling system for maximum efficiency and quality, designed specifically for your product. We’ll then manufacture your turbulator coils in our own facility and provide them to you either raw, heat treated or completely finished. To get started manufacturing turbulator coils, contact us today for an evaluation.

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