If you require air coil or air core inductor coils Automated Industrial Motion (AIM) coilers are available for processing a variety of wire gauges, shapes and configurations. An air coil inductoror air core inductoris an inductor without a magnetic core, but rather unsupported with only air inside of the coil. Coils are generally produced with copper material, insulated wire, stripped and non-stripped ends and tinned or bare ends. Leg orientation includes radial, opposed, axial and special.

Coiling machinery can be configured to run unattended, producing finished parts without operator intervention. Ends can be stripped automatically and chemical coatings are available for large volumes to eliminate the need for tin stripped ends while offering high quality soldering capabilities.

Watch AIM coiling equipment produce air core inductors in the video playlist below.

Inductor Coiling Services

Not every project justifies the purchase of new coiling equipment. If it makes more sense we can work with you to provide contract manufacturing services for your air core inductor coils until the time and volumes are right to vertically integrate the equipment into your manufacturing process. Our coiling experts will build a turn-key coiling system for maximum efficiency and quality, designed specifically for your product. To get started manufacturing inductor coils, contact us today for an evaluation.

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