CNC Coiling Machines

Automated Industrial Motion (AIM) specializes in producing CNC coiling machines for a wide variety of applications.

Our seven CNC spring coiling machines cover a wire range of 0.006” to 0.787” diameter. Coilers are available with up to six axes to produce a variety of springs and wire forms. AIM equipment is high speed, precise, and durable.

Direct servo drives are incorporated on each tooling axis to permit independent control of the tool positions with the touch of a button. Actuation systems include AC brushless servomotors, high precision actuators, planetary gear reducers, and our exclusive DuraBond Slides, which provide high accuracy and long life.

Our PC-based control systems include Windows software, Delta Tau motion control systems, industrial touch screens, and a variety of I/O for controlling auxiliary equipment.

Learn more about our standard CNC coilers:

  • AIM 100: .006″ – .032″ wire diameter
  • AIM 1000: .018″ – .080″ wire diameter
  • AIM 2000: .057″ – .180″ wire diameter
  • AIM 2500: .080″ – .250″ wire diameter
  • AIM 3000: .125″ – .375″ wire diameter
  • AIM 4000: .250″ – .787″ wire diameter

Custom Coiling Solutions

AIM assembles customized manufacturing systems based around our CNC coiling machines. We’ll work with you to determine the most efficient and cost-effective way to manufacture your product, and we’ll build and configure a coiling system that gets the job done. Our products are especially easy to integrate with new or existing assembly line systems, making it possible to automate spring coiling, heat treatment, testing and assembly.

  • Automation Coilers – providing in-line, on-demand spring coiling, testing and delivery
  • Coil & Grind Automation – replaces manual loading into grinder carrier plates
  • Garage Door Springs – complete setups to manufacture ready-for-market garage door springs
  • Ring Coilers – high-precision, tight-tolerance round, elliptical and continuous coil rings
  • Tube Coilers – CNC coiling machines tooled to coil thin-walled, hollow tubes
  • Constant Force Springs – spring coilers customized for high tensile, flat strip constant force springs

Additional Products

Beyond CNC coiling machines and coiling systems, AIM offers a range of products to benefit machine shops and other manufacturers requiring a high quality tooling. These include:

  • Powered Wire Payoffs – designed to deliver wire uniformly and safely at near-constant tension
  • Spring Coiler Retrofits – turn your outdated coiler into a modern, Windows-based CNC machine
  • Servo Feed Retrofits – providing the ultimate feed control, using programmable servo feed access for single, multiple or bi-directional feeds
  • Spring Tooling – cassette tooling for easy changeovers, including feed rolls, wire guides, arbors, block guides, pitch tools and coiling points
  • Wire Straighteners – a line of two plane wire straighteners available for straightening wire between .006″ and .375″
  • DuraBond Slides – durable, corrosion-resistant linear slides

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