Producing Magazine Springs for Stainless Steel Belts

Automated Industrial Motion’s (AIM) 1000 Coiler is a spring coiling machine capable of producing a magazine style-spring that can be used in the stainless steel belting industry.

Magazine springs are best known for their applications in the defense industry. In firearms, magazine springs push ammunition through the magazine and toward the firing chamber.

Beyond firearms, magazine springs can also be used to create flexible, stainless steel conveyor belts. The durability and flexibility of these belts make them a valuable part of many industries, from food service to chemical and laminate.

Producing Magazine Springs for Stainless Steel Belts

When stainless steel belts are made from magazine springs, the springs are woven and welded into flat belts with the support of steel rods. In order to create a flat belt, spring configurations must alternate: a left-hand spring is laid next to a right-hand spring, and vice-versa.

When configured for producing magazine springs, the AIM 1000 coiler can create either left-hand or right-hand springs. For improved speed and simplicity, multiple machines can be used to simultaneously produce both types of spring. Below, two AIM 1000 coilers are working together to produce magazine springs in both coiling directions.

AIM 1000 - Producing magazine springs for stainless steel belts

Easily Interchangeable Tooling

The AIM 1000 CNC Coiler utilizes cassette tooling devices. These cassette devices greatly simplify equipment setup and operation. The tooling is designed and created using 3D CAD/CAM modeling software. The designs used are proven industry standards. The process ensures consistency and efficiency in product output.

The tooling is designed to be easily interchangeable and can be swapped out in less than five minutes. The 1000 CNC Coiler can accept four different wire gauges and is completely customizable to produce any variation of length, width and pitch desired. Producing magazine springs for stainless steel belts is just the beginning with the AIM 1000.

For more information about this coiler or to learn about other spring and coil machines we offer, contact Automated Industrial Motion to schedule a consultation.  Here at AIM, we would be happy to help you design and build a machine for your specific needs. 

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