Producing Turbulator Coils for Heating and Cooling Systems

Turbulator coils, also known as turbulator springs, are a type of turbulator used in heating and cooling equipment to improve thermal conductivity. Turbulators work by eliminating laminar flow (top row in the figure at the right), which happens when molecules flow in layers instead of mixing as they go from one point to the next. The resulting turbulent flow (bottom row in the figure below) increases contact with walls of the tube, resulting in improved thermal transfer.

Turbulant vs. Laminar flow

In the heating and cooling industry, turbulators are often used to improve performance in equipment like heating and cooling coils. In HVAC systems that use coils to transport warm or cold air, turbulators improve the air flow to maximize thermal transfer.

Turbulator coils can be retrofitted to existing equipment, or installed during the manufacturing stage.

The AIM 1000 CNC Coiler

The AIM 1000 CNC Coiler can be configured to produce closed coil turbulator springs that are stretched within piping. The springs encourage more fluid turbulence inside the tubes to improve the overall heat transfer. The 1000 CNC Coiler is a six-axis coiler system with servos controlling the feed diameter, pitch, torsion, point and cut of each coil to quickly and efficiently produce a consistent end product.

With a feed rate of over 650 feet per minute, the AIM 1000 system averages 1500 parts per hour.


AIM 1000 Producting Turbulator Coils - Coil ViewThe AIM 1000 Coiler utilizes cassette tooling concepts, where tooling is designed and created in a 3D CAD-CAM manufacturing process. These tooling pieces are produced to work with up to 30 different parts programs. They can be fully customized for varying lengths and diameters to meet the desired output. The tooling is extremely interchangeable, with a changeover taking less than 30 seconds.

If you have an ongoing need for turbulators, whether as a supplement or as a standalone product, the AIM 1000 CNC Coiler will let you take control of your turbulator supply.

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