6 Axis CNC Spring Coiler for Heavy Duty Springs

Automated Industrial Motion (AIM) is proud to introduce the innovative AIM 4000, a 6-axis CNC spring coiler. The goal with this machine is to help companies improve productivity and run rates by reducing setup and part change over time. The AIM 4000 6-axis CNC coiler can do all that and more.

A Versatile and Hardworking Coiler

The AIM 4000 CNC coiler covers a wire range of 1/4″ to over 3/4″ in diameter. This flexible machine offers coil diameters of up to 10″ with unlimited feed links and either compression, torsion, or point forming modes of operation. It offers six axes of servo-controlled motion with no mechanical adjustments.

AIM 4000 6-Axis CNC CoilerUsing the single point coiling technology, this 6-axis CNC spring coiler produces compression springs, torsion springs, and wire forms. Right and left hand coiling are easily produced with a simple change out of the chuck. Single point coiling is proven to produce higher initial tension rates on extension springs. It also offers 3D tool movement of the coiling point. The point axes offers initial tension control and leg bends on the torsion springs, which allows you to get more done with one machine. The bending arbor may eliminate the need for secondary operations, as it allows production of wire forms and torsion springs all through one simple control panel.

Flexible and Interchangeable Tooling

The unique design of the servo cutter allows cutting off top dead center of the eccentric linkage. The amount of power is almost infinite. This is accomplished by repositioning the cutter system as needed via the adjustable DuraBond slide system. This offers more than sufficient power for cutting off over 3/4″ diameter high tensile spring steel. The DuraBond slide system on all tooling axes provides superior high rigidity and a long maintenance-free life. The coordinated servo tool eliminates the need for mechanical cams, gears, and linkages. The feed system offers two high precision gear reducers, being driven by large servo motors.

AIM 4000 6-Axis CNC Coiler - Coiling CloseupThere are four sets of 10″ feed rollers with hydraulic feed roll pressure. Each set of rollers has 50,000 pounds of clamping force. The rollers can handle the entire wire range, so no tooling change is needed. Their unique dedicated cassette tooling further enhances and simplifies equipment setup and operation. Tooling is designed using 3-D modeling software and proven standard designs. The resulting tooling locates precisely and repeatedly into the spring coiler, thus eliminating the need for experienced spring operators.

Working With the AIM 4000

The AIM 4000 6-axis CNC spring coiler is designed for ease of use. A new operator can set up the equipment and operate with just a few days of training. Storage carts are available for organizing tooling in one common area, supporting world-class lean manufacturing initiatives. The CNC coiler control panel offers a Windows-based software, making spring setup and operation simple and efficient. Machine controls are totally integrated for ease of programming and operation. Part and machining homing sequences simplify the process even more by allowing you to save settings and reuse them at the click of a button, resulting in average part changeovers in 10 minutes.

Get More from Automated Industrial Motion (AIM)

In addition to the AIM 4000, AIM specializes in a complete line of spring coiling machines, covering a wire range of 0.006″ to 0.787″ wire diameter. Automated Industrial Motion is constantly working on new and innovative ideas, and have become leading-edge in the large wire market by investing in the industry’s most advanced coiling technology.

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