AIM 100 Pneumatic Coiler for On-Demand Spring Production

 The AIM 100 pneumatic coiler is an excellent solution for on-demand spring production. More cost effective than a CNC-controlled spring coiler, the AIM 100 pneumatic coiler can be calibrated to produce your spring when you need it, in the exact quantities demanded by the job.

Three qualities make this particular setup a winner for on-demand spring coiling:

  • Powered dereeler
  • Inductive stress relief
  • Built-in quality control
Making Springs On Demand

This coiler setup is intended for on-demand production of specific springs. Material is fed from a powered wire dereeler into a pneumatic coiler. The spring is produced with one stroke of a pneumatic cylinder. Pneumatic power creates quick, efficient and consistent coiling. Once the spring is made, it is carried away by an air tube and dropped into a rotary table (pictured at right) to be stress relieved.

In the stress-relief portion of the system, an inductive current is sent through the wire of the spring. The current heats the spring, which both reduces hardness and improves ductility. Both of these improvements lead to more consistent, longer-lasting, better-performing springs.

AIM 100 Pneumatic Coiler for On-Demand Spring Production

Built-in Quality Control

Once the stress relief has been completed, the spring rotates to the next station. At this station it is checked for proper length and then undergoes two separate load tests. Good parts are sent to the shipping area and bad parts are sent to a scrap box. Everything is automated, requiring only initial setup and periodic maintenance. Springs move smoothly from the coiler to the stress reliever, and on to the quality control portion of the system. 

A Complete Solution for High-Volume Spring Production

For manufacturing applications that require large volumes of specific springs, the AIM 100 Pneumatic Coiler can provide a complete, automated solution. AIM offers automation coiler systems, both pneumatic and CNC, with a wide range of options. Read more here.

For more information on the AIM 100 Pneumatic Coiler, or other AIM coiler systems, contact us today to set up a consultation.

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