AIM 4000 CNC Spring Coiling Machine for HEAVY DUTY SPRINGS

AIM 4000 CNC Spring Coiling Machine

Our CNC spring coiling machines can produce compression, torsion, and extension springs. The CNC capability also allows customers to create complex innovative wire forms.

Machines cover a wire range of 0.006” to 0.787” diameter. Coilers are available with up to six axes to produce a variety springs and wire forms.

Direct servo drives are incorporated on each tooling axis to permit independent control of the tool positions with the touch of a button. Actuation systems include AC brushless servomotors, high precision actuators, planetary gear reducers and our DuraBond Slide product line.

Our PC based control system includes Windows software, Delta Tau motion control system, industrial touch screen, jog hand wheel, and a variety of I/O for controlling auxiliary equipment.