Constant Force Spring Coiler Press Release

Automated Industrial Motion (AIM) has developed an AIM 1000 CNC Spring Coiling System for constant force springs. Systems include an AIM 1000 Coiler, pneumatic toggle press, cassette tooling, powered wire payoff, and stress relief oven.

With a feed rate of up to 650 feet per minute, the AIM 1000 system averages 1500 parts per hour. Our state-of-the-art equipment offers the latest machine tool technologies, including PC controls, Windows-based software, industrial touch screens, and part homing sequences. Advantages include high-speed coiling, quick part changeovers and standardized tooling, which are all proven to support capital equipment investment.

Since 1985, Automated Industrial Motion has been dedicated to serving the precision spring and wire form industry. AIM offers a complete line of CNC spring coiling and wire forming equipment covering a wire range of 0.006″ to 0.787″ and specializes in custom-designed equipment for applications where standard machinery may not be commercially available or for customers desiring a competitive advantage. Other services include process and product development, mechanical design, machine software, controls, and turn-key systems completely tooled, setup, and programmed for manufacturers needing to vertically integrate springs and wire forming into manufacturing operations.