Air Core Inductor Coils

Automated Industrial Motion offers manufacturing for air coil inductors. With our machine technology and techniques, AIM is able to allow a variety of dimensions, custom-shapes and sizes to fit the specifications of our customers’ particular applications.

Our AIM CNC Coilers produce high quality air coils with sufficient accuracy and high rates of speed. Our air core coils do not rely on a ferromagnetic material for inductance; instead, the coils are wound on air. As a result, inductance is not affected by the current running through the coil, and the coil remains free of the iron losses typically associated with ferromagnetic cores.

AIM handles projects of practically any size or volume, with on-time delivery rate that matches our high standard of quality. To request a quote or to learn more about our manufacturing of air coils, please contact us directly at (231) 856-1800.

We guarantee that every Air Core Inductor Coil that leaves our company is of the highest quality. Let Automated Industrial Motion aim your business in the right direction.


Air Core Inductor Coil Videos

Take a look at our air coil inductor production machines in action: